26.9. - 5.10.2019


The Film Award of the Children and Youth Section has been awarded since 2003. First as Emil, since 2004 as MICHEL Filmpreis. Since 2013, the Hamburgische Kulturstiftung has awarded the prize of EUR 5,000, in 2017 for the first time together with the Ian and Babrara Karan Stiftung. A jury of children and young people will pick up their favourite among all films shown in the international competition.

Winner 2018

Supa Modo

Director: Likarion Wainaina

Previous winners 

  • 2017: 1:54 Director: Yan England
  • 2016: Fannys Reise Director: Lola Doillon
  • 2015: Kleine Gangster Director: Arne Toonen
  • 2014: Die geheime Mission Director: Martin Miehe-Renard
  • 2013: Felix Director: Roberta Durrant
  • 2012: Bitte bleib! Director: Lourens Blok
  • 2011: Ewiges Leben Director: Gustavo Ron
  • 2010: Spork Director: J.B. Ghuman Jr.
  • 2009: Glowing Stars Director: Lisa Siewe
  • 2008: Hey Hey, hier Esther Blueburger Director: Cathy Randall
  • 2007: Rot wie der Himmel Director: Cristiano Bortone
  • 2006: Don Director: Arend Steenbergen
  • 2005: Der Schatz der weißen Falken Director: Christian Zübert
  • 2004: Station 4 Director: Antonio Mercero
  • 2003: Das geheimnisvolle Fräulein C. Director: Richard Ciupka

Nominated Films

Gordon & Paddy

FF 2018 | Sweden 2017 | 62 Min. | OV with German voice over
Director: Linda Hambäck
rated for 0 + years
Frog Gordon, chief of the forest police, is due to retire shortly and is faced with his last big case: all the squirrel's painstakingly collected …

Hayflower, Quiltshoe and The Rubens Brothers

FF 2018 | Finland 2017 | 89 Min. | OV with German voice over
Director: Anna Dahlman
rated for 0 + years
The Kattilakoski family are going on holiday and it's not only the kids Hayflower and Quiltshoe who can't wait. The two whimsical village policemen …

Peter's Odyssey

FF 2018 | Russian Federation 2018 | 74 Min. | OV with German voice over
Director: Anna Kolchina, Alexey Kuzmin-Tarasov
rated for 0 + years
As every summer, 12-year old Peter is spending the holidays at his grandmother's outside Moscow. But the happy days with the country house, the trees …

Rosie & Moussa

FF 2018 | Belgium 2018 | 93 Min. | OV with German voice over
Director: Dorothée van den Berghe
rated for 0 + years
Her father's sudden disappearance and moving to a new neighbourhood have all been a bit much for Rosie -- if it wasn't for Moussa, the boy next door. …

Supa Modo

FF 2018 | Germany, Kenya 2018 | 74 Min. | OV with German voice over
Director: Likarion Wainaina
rated for 0 + years
9-year old Jo's most fervent wish is to be a superheroine. She lives in a village in Kenya with her mother Kathryn and her sister Mwix and because …

White Fang

FF 2018 | France, Luxembourg, USA 2018 | 85 Min. | OV with German subtitles
Director: Alexandre Espigares
rated for 0 + years
ANIMATION White Fang is a courageous wolfdog growing up in the snowy Yukon. Native Americans take the dog in and train him to be a sled dog. But the …


FF 2018 | Denmark 2018 | 96 Min. | OV with German voice over
Director: Kaspar Munk
rated for 0 + years
12-year old Clara is a perfectly normal girl - until one day she is scratched by a black cat. She then discovers that she suddenly has a unique gift: …

The Witch Hunters

FF 2018 | Serbia, Macedonia 2018 | 86 Min. | OV with German voice over
Director: Rasko Miljkovic
rated for 0 + years
Jovan is 10 years old and suffers from a form of spasticity. He spends his afternoons daydreaming while undergoing physiotherapy. In his dreams, …