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Sichtwechsel Film Award

The Sichtwechsel Film Award, donated by the Federal Foreign Office, honours directors who work in other countries beyond national and cultural borders and create films. Both filmmakers who were forced to leave their home countries, as well as filmmakers who for artistic or private reasons create films outside their home countries, will be considered. The prize is endowed with EUR 10,000. 

Winner 2019:
Dark Suns CAN, DIRECTOR Julien Elie

Jury's statement:

A stunning film, not only because of the relevance and explosiveness of its theme, but also because of the unconditional will to explore it in depth, to show connections that paint a politically alarming, very clear picture of the social conditions in Mexico. A courageous film: It is unbelievable how much trust Julien Elie was able to build up with the affected contemporary witnesses* who, despite clearly described dangers, reveal themselves in intimate pain. A completely unpretentious film that, despite all the professionalism of the research, subordinates the chosen means exclusively to the transparency of the subject and never disregards the perspective of the protagonists or the viewers. The polyphony of the research results in a portrait of an arbitrary system of violence and terror. At the same time, the film implies a change of perspective in that it documents the possibility and lived reality of individual resistance. This is its monolithic strength.


Sławomir Sierakowski, Political Author and Activist
Rita Thiele, Chief Dramaturge at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus
Tatjana Turanskyj, Director and Co-founder of Pro Quote Film

Pervious winners:


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