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Hamburg Producers Award for European Cinema Co-Productions

The Hamburg Producers Award for European Cinema Co-Productions will be awarded to the films in the section Freihafen (Free Port) which will feature German-European co-productions. The German co-producer of the winning film will receive 25,000 Euro, which will be made available by the Hamburg Ministry of Culture (Behörde für Kultur und Medien). The foreign co-producer of the winning film will receive Color Grading worth around 15,000 Euro from the Hamburg post-production company Optical Art.

Winner 2019:
You Will Die at Twenty German co-producer: Michael Henrichs (Die Gesellschaft DGS) / Color grading: Andolfi, Paris

Jury's statement:
Starting from a fairytale-like premise, the director of this film combines reality and fantasy by carefully observing a social environment through an intimate portrait. With a composition of precise images and stagings, the visual language of the film delivers an almost epic quality to the existential struggle of the main character, excellently played in two ages by Moatasem Rashid and Mustafa Shehata. Although the film addresses the inevitable consequences of superstition and fear, it retains a dignified and emphatic view of rural Sudan. This tale of a young man's development in the face of death is a courageous and promising debut and a brilliant feat in international co-productions. This is why the Hamburg Producers Award for European Cinema Co-Productions in the Freeport section goes to You Will Die at Twenty by Amjad Abu Alala.

Ivan Madeo, Producer, Switzerland
Ivan Marković, Director and Director of Photography, Serbia, Germany
András Siebold, Artistic Director of the International Summer Festival at Kampnagel, Germany

Previous winners:
2018 Sibel German co-producer: Michael Eckelt (Riva Film, Hamburg) / Color grading: Les Films du Tambour, Paris
2017 Arrhythmia German co-producer: Eva Blondiau (Color of May, Berlin/Hamburg) / Color grading: Mars Media Entertainment, Moskau
2016 Scarred Hearts German co-producer: Janine Jackowski, Jonas Dornbach, Maren Ade (Komplizen Film, Berlin), Color grading: Hi Film Productions, Bukarest
2015 One Floor Below German co-producer: Christine Haupt, Alexander Ris (Neue Mediopolis Filmproduktion, Leipzig) / Color grading: Multi Media Est, Bukarest
2014 Welcome to Karastan German co-producer: Daniel Zuta (Brandstorm Entertainment, Frankfurt a.M.)/ Color grading: 20 Stept Production, Tiflis


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