30.09. - 09.10.2021

NDR Young Talent Award

The NDR (Norddeutscher Rundfunk) has been sponsoring the NDR Young Talent Award at FILMFEST HAMBURG since 2012. The competition is aimed at filmmakers showing their feature film debut or their second film at FILMFEST HAMBURG. The NDR Young Talent Award includes prize money of 5,000 euros and replaces the award "Die Elfe" which has been awarded at Filmfest Hamburg every year since 2008.

Winner 2019:
A Son Director: Mehdi M. Barsaoui

Jury statement: »We have experienced a tremendous diversity of themes and styles in this strong young generation and have seen remarkable films from all continents that have brought foreign cultures very close to us through their strength. Our prizewinner has achieved this in a very special way. A Son, the astonishingly mature feature film debut of Tunisian director Mehdi M. Barsaoui, tells the moving story of a modern family that is thrown back on archaic rules of conduct by a terrible blow of fate. With its numerous, cleverly thought-out twists - Barsaoui also wrote the script - the highly complex story becomes increasingly dense and gripping, without ever losing itself in the social and societal complexity. Above all, however, this excellently played and filmed work captivated, stirred up and simply never let go of us at any minute.«

Marc Brummund, Director
Knut Elstermann, Radio Presenter and Film Journalist
Dagmar Jacobsen, Producer
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