30.09. - 09.10.2021

The Political Film of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

Since 2013, the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung will award a prize at Filmfest Hamburg. Documentary and fiction feature films dealing with political subjects and social or environmental issues are competing for the prize money of 5,000 euros. The prize is being awarded for best directing.

Winner 2019:
Movements of a Nearby Mountain Director: Sebastian Brameshuber

Excerpt from the jury statement: »It is a film that captivates, that simply makes you happy. Its themes are the great ones of our time: globalisation, capitalism, migration, exploitation of raw materials and recycling. Director Sebastian Brameshuber, however, concentrates on one protagonist and a few others, telling a small, powerful story full of surprising twists. With great respect, he approaches his characters without exposing them, leaving room for imagination. In the centre is a man from Nigeria. He lives and works in Styria at a scrap yard at the foot of an ore mine. A large, inhospitable warehouse on the edge of an industrial area full of car wrecks and tire mountains is his home. There is a temporary cooking place and fresh water on the nearby river to wash the laundry. Here he sells old cars or dismantles them into their individual parts, here he deals with tyres, cylinder heads and fuses. Recyclable materials that he preserves, also for the market in Nigeria. The evisceration of the car wrecks takes place in sovereign serenity. With gestures practiced thousands of times, it resembles a poetic act, in spite of the necessary force. The local sales negotiations with scrap dealers from Hungary or Romania never seem to come to a conclusion, the camera observes them discreetly, again full of respect, as if they were a ritual from bygone times. The same applies to the negotiations on a market in Africa. The Nigerian scrap dealer from Styria looks at the bystanders and says: »If you would all buy, I would be back in my home country long ago«. Where thiat is, remains open. As said, a film that makes you happy.«

Barbara Duden, Vice President of the Hamburg Parliament
Catarina Felixmüller, Journalist
Helena Wittmann, Director

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