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Love Birds

OT: Zug Ionim

Dover Kosashvili // Israel, 2017
Fiction Feature // FF2017
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A man and a woman meet in a hotel to live out their sexual fantasies. The pair are celebrating their tenth anniversary and such no-holds-barred meetings have become a tradition – the role-plays break up the routine of their marriage. This year, however, things go differently: more and more lies surface and their relationship is put to the test. Love Birds portrays a love caught between suffering and lust, desire and suspicion. With a mixture of explicit footage and sensitive psychology, the film creates a sensual atmosphere of rare intimacy.


DOVER KOSASHVILI (*1966) studied philosophy and film in Tel Aviv. His debut feature Late Marriage (2001) premiered at Cannes and set box-office records in Israel.


Zug Ionim

Fiction Feature





70 min

OV with English subtitles

Dover Kosashvili

Dover Kosashvili

Tal Talmon, Asaf Goldstien, Roni Dotan, Avi Azulay, Nir Grinberg

Marek Rozenbaum

Assaf Sudri

Dover Kosashvili, Marek Rozenbaum

Josef Bardanashvili

Yoel Herzberg

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Transfax Films Production

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