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The Witch Hunters

OT: Zlogonje

Rasko Miljkovic // Serbia, North Macedonia, 2018
Fiction Feature // FF2018
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Jovan is 10 years old and suffers from a form of spasticity. He spends his afternoons daydreaming while undergoing physiotherapy. In his dreams, Jovan is a superhero – as opposed to in school, where he often has the feeling of being invisible. Then Milica joins the class. She manages to win Jovan’s trust and persuade him to help her in the search for her mysterious stepmother.


RASKO MILJKOVIC studied visual arts in Belgrade. He has directed several video clips and commercials, as well as the short film Kris (2017). The adventure film The Witch Hunters is his first feature film and had its premiere at the Schlingel international film festival for young people.




Fiction Feature



Serbia, North Macedonia


86 min

German overvoice

Rasko Miljkovic

Marko Manojlovic, Milos Kreckovic

Mihajlo Milavic, Silma Mahmuti, Jelena Djokic, Jelena Jovanova, Bojan Zirovic, Dubravka Kovjanic, Olga Odanovic

Jovana Karaulic

Miksa Andjelic

Djordje Markovic

Nevena Glusica

Aljosa Spajic

Pluto Film

Action Production

Daniela Chlapíková, Pluto Film Distribution Network GmbH: daniela@plutofilm.de

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