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An Earthly Paradise for the Eyes

OT: Zemský ráj to na pohled

Irena Pavlásková // Czech Republic, 2009
Fiction Feature // FF2010



The Film tells the story of Martha, her two adolescent daughters and their successively arriving and departing “daddies”. The tale is totally apolitical at first but due to Martha’s ex-husband and her further partners, gradually her entire family gets involved in the dissident movement. One day Martha meets the well-known writer and dissident Jan Pavel, a character based on Václav Havel, the former President of the Czech Republic. Martha soon starts living with Jan, and her daughters thus find themselves in the centre of events and become its actively organic part.


Irena Pavlásková (*1960)studied film at the prestigious FilmschoolPrague. She won several awards for herstudent films.



Zemský ráj to na pohled

Fiction Feature


Agenda 10//FF2010

Czech Republic


114 min


Irena Pavlásková

Tereza Boucková

Vilma Cibulková, Tereza Voríšková, Miroslav Etzler, Dana Marková

Viktor Schwarcz

Marek Diviš

Alois Fišárek Commissioning

Jirí Chlumecký

Petr Pištek

Jaroslav Kucera

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