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Would You Have Sex With an Arab?

OT: Would You Have Sex With an Arab?

Yolande Zauberman // France, Belgium, Italy, 2011
Documentary Feature // FF2012



It’s a question that surprises most people: “Would you have sex with an Arab?” Film-maker Yolande Zauberman doesn’t just ask anyone this question, she asks people in the clubs and bars and streets of Tel Aviv. 20% of Israelis are of Arab origin, but for some the question is still incomprehensible, for others long since reality and yet others a political issue. One thing it is never is immaterial. The film manages to break down the Middle East conflict into individuals and to show what enormous influence it has, even into the most intimate of spheres.


YOLANDE ZAUBERMAN studied history of art and economics. She has won several awards for her documentaries like Classified People (1987) and Would You Have Sex with an Arab? (2012) which was also shown at FILMFEST HAMBURG.


Would You Have Sex With an Arab?

Documentary Feature

Arabic, English, French, Hebrew

Agenda 12//FF2012

France, Belgium, Italy


80 min


Yolande Zauberman

Yolande Zauberman, Selim Nassib

Yves Chanvillard, Nadim Cheikhrouha

Yolande Zauberman

Basile Belkhiri, Idit Bloch

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Screenrunner; Jean-Luc Ormières; Phobics; Studio 37; Motek Power Films Factory; Commune Image Média

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