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Wo ist die Liebe hin

OT: Wo ist die Liebe hin

Alexander Dierbach // Germany, 2020
Fiction Feature // FF2020



How much change can one marriage take? »The most harmonious couple in the Western hemisphere« is how friends describe Agnes (Ulrike Tscharre) and Gregor (Roeland Wiesnekker). When Agnes, in addition to her part-time job, takes up voluntary social work which devours more and more of her time, their harmonious family life is increasingly skewed. Gregor feels neglected, as does their pubescent daughter Helena. Agnes in turn feels misunderstood, because she finds her social commitment meaningful. A precisely observant film about the challenges that come with the adventure of a spiritedly conducted relationship.


For his short Leise Krieger (2004) ALEXANDER DIERBACH (*1979) won international awards. In 2011, he was awarded the Studio Hamburg Young Talent Prize. Since then he has made numerous TV films and series episodes, including Tannbach, München Mord and Helen Dorn.



Wo ist die Liebe hin

Fiction Feature





88 min


Alexander Dierbach

Katrin Ammon, Martina Borger

Ulrike C. Tscharre, Roeland Wiesnekker, Anneke Kim Sarnau, Rainer Bock, Uygar Tamer, Emilie Neumeister

Friedrich Wildfeuer

Ian Blumers

Maj-Linn Preiss

Natalie Pürzer, Nina Meister

Sebastian Pille

Tim Tamke

Susann Guenther

Daniela Mussgiller (NDR)

Constantin Television für NDR

Friedrich Wildfeuer, Constantin Television: fritz.wildfeuer@constantin.film

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