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After Winter Comes Spring

OT: Winter adé

Helke Misselwitz // 1988
Documentary Feature // FF2014
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Documentary: The director begins a train journey across the GDR, from her birthplace Zwickau in the South right up to the North Sea. On her way, she meets women of different generations and classes and talks to them about their lives: economist Hillu, factory worker Christine, punks Anja and Kerstin and the women at the fish factory in Sassnitz. A fascinating, unretouched portrait of the women of the GDR ensues, one year before the fall of the wall.


From 1985 to 1988, Helke Misselwitz (*1947) was the star student of director Heiner Carow at the GDR's Academy of Arts. There, she also developed and realized Winter Adé. Since 1997, she has been Professor for Film Direction at the HFF Konrad Wolf film and TV school in Potsdam.


Winter adé

Documentary Feature


DDR Deluxe//FF2014


116 min


Helke Misselwitz

Helke Misselwitz, Gudrun Plenert

Thomas Plenert

Gudrun Plenert

Mario Peters

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