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Who is afraid of ideology

OT: Who is afraid of ideology

Marwa Arsanios // Lebanon, Syria, 2019
Documentary Feature // FF2020



»The destruction of nature is an integral part of the politics of assimilation and incorporation as practised by the dominant states of the world. The less people are conscious of their connections to nature, the more likely it is that they become precisely those allegedly free people whose allegiance is first and foremost to the state.« The words of one of the activists in Who Is Afraid of Ideology? Marwa Arsanios visits three feminist projects, in the mountains of Kurdistan, in North Syria and in the Lebanon – regions scarred by war. Together with the activists, she thinks about our relationship to nature, the way associated knowledge is formed and about the right to defend oneself. The filmic strategy, too, is part of the experimental set-up which, after the overcoming of the ideological asks: sound, voice and picture are rigorously decoupled and circulate. Thus, they may possibly form a durable constellation for the future.https://dokfilmwoche.com/de/project/who-is-afraid-of-ideology/



Who is afraid of ideology

Documentary Feature



Lebanon, Syria


51 min

OV with English subtitles

Marwa Arsanios

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