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Wenn es am schönsten ist

OT: Wenn es am schönsten ist

Johannes Fabrick // Germany, 2013
TV Series // FF2013



At his father’s 75th birthday celebration, Peter (Heino Ferch) unexpectedly meets his own 17-year old son Lucas, whom he hasn’t seen since he and his wife separated. After initially resisting, he then seeks contact with Lucas and fights to win his trust. Instead of the hoped-for convergence, however, a crisis in Peter’s life serves only to unsettle Lucas all the more: Peter has cancer and needs a bone marrow donor from his immediate family. Justifiably, Lucas wonders if his father’s sudden interest is only skin-deep. A moving drama about three generations and the value of the family in an age where it seems to be disintegrating. Screening on 29.09. in attendance of: Johannes Fabrick (Director), Uli Aselmann (Producer), Heino Ferch, Max Hegewald, Julia Koschitz, Birge Schade, Friedrich von Thun (Cast)


The films of Johannes Fabrick (*1958) have often been shown at FILMFEST HAMBURG: in 2011 Tödlicher Rausch, 2014 Wenn es am schönsten ist and 2015 Zweimal lebenslänglich.


Wenn es am schönsten ist

TV Series





89 min


Johannes Fabrick

Astrid Ruppert

Heino Ferch, Max Hegewald, Julia Koschitz, Friedrich von Thun, Barbara Focke, Lisa Karlström, Birge Schade

Uli Aselmann

Helmut Pirnat

Sandy Saffeels

Christoph Zirngibl

Thilo Mengler

Karina Ulitzsch (ZDF)

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