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War Book

OT: War Book

Tom Harper // United Kingdom, 2014
Fiction Feature // FF2015



Nine civil servants spend three days in a government office in London. They’re rehearsing for the worst case scenario: what measures would need to be taken by Britain if there was a nuclear attack by Pakistan on India? Each participant represents a ministry, and one is the Prime Minister. The test run starts casually enough. But, as the fictitious scenario escalates and the crisis team has to deal with the collapse of public order, tensions increase. Personal and professional resentments emerge. The dynamics thus set in motion give some idea of the consequences that would ensue if the drill was in fact reality. War Book is a dense, cleverly constructed political thriller that was well received by the critics.


After some prize-winning shorts, TOM HARPER (*1980) made a name for himself a directing British TV films. Wild Rose celebrated its premiere in 2018 at the Toronto International Film Festival.



War Book

Fiction Feature



United Kingdom


95 min


Tom Harper

Jack Thorne

Adeel Akhtar, Nicholas Burns, Ben Chaplin, Shaun Evans, Kerry Fox, Phoebe Fox, Sophie Okonedo

Lauren Dark

Zac Nicholson

Mark Eckersley

Jack C. Arnold

Jacqueline Abrahams

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