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Dark Skull

OT: Viejo calavera

Kiro Russo // Bolivia, Qatar, 2016
Fiction Feature // FF2016
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Up until the death of his father, Elder Mamaní’s life was aimless, based around drugs and alcohol. Now he’s taking on his father’s job down a mine in the Bolivian mining capital Huanuni and living with his grandmother. Elder’s godfather Francisco put in a good word for him and got him the job. But it’s not long before Elder screws up with his colleagues because he’s far happier stoned than working. This gets not only him, but also Francisco in trouble. On a company outing that despite everything Elder is allowed to attend, the tensions between him and his godfather escalate when Elder learns that Francisco had something to do with his father’s death. Dark Skull is a powerful, dark, subterranean drama on the threshold between fact and fiction.


Kiro Russo (*1984) is Bolivian by birth and studied film direction in BuenosAires. His shorts Juku (2012) and New Life won several prizes. Dark Skull is his debut feature and waswarmly praised at the film festival in Locarno.


Viejo calavera

Fiction Feature



Bolivia, Qatar


80 min

OV with English subtitles

Kiro Russo

Kiro Russo, Gilmar Gonzáles

Julio Cezar Ticona, Narciso Choquecallata, Anastasia Daza López, RolandoPatzi, Israel Hurtado, Elisabeth Ramírez Galván

Kiro Russo, Pablo Paniagua, Gilmar Gonzales

Pablo Paniagua

Kiro Russo, Pablo Paniagua

Kano / Alessandro Marcelo

Carlos Piñeiro

Socavón cine

Socavón cine

Kiro Russo: kirorusso@gmail.com

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