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OT: Vertraue mir

Franziska Meletzky // Germany, 2015
TV Series // FF2015



Investment banker Elena Wagner (Julia Koschitz) is uncertain: up to now, she’s been the shooting star of the private bank where she works in Frankfurt, and now suddenly she can’t reach her boss Dr. Ahrends (August Zirner) and her colleagues are also avoiding contact with her. She finds an ally in her ex-boyfriend Marc (Jürgen Vogel), who was the bank’s head of IT until he was fired and barred from the building. As things come to a head, Elena has one night to save her existence. What begins as a story about ambition develops into a breath-taking thriller about love and betrayal.


FRANZISKA MELETZKY (*1973) Born in Leipzig, she has made episodes for many TV series, including Dr. Psycho and Stromberg, Bloch and Tatort. Her last film to be shown at FILMFEST HAMBURG as Die kalte Wahrheit [The Cold Truth] in 2014.


Vertraue mir

TV Series





88 min


Franziska Meletzky

John H. Karsten, Franziska Meletzky nach einer Vorlage von Guy Meredith. Dramaturgische Beratung: Gabriele Graf

Julia Koschitz, Jürgen Vogel, August Zirner, Sascha Alexander Gersak, Catherine Bode

Kim Fatheuer, Sam Davis

Ngo The Chau

Jürgen Winkelblech

Wolfram de Marco

Wolfgang Baark

Daniel Blum (ZDF)

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