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Vermisst in Berlin

OT: Vermisst in Berlin

Sherry Hormann // Germany, 2018
TV Series // FF2018



Abuse of those needing protection: Sherry Horman’s tense thriller takes on a controversial topic. One evening, a child runs out in front of the car driven by Inspector Judith Volkmann (Jördis Triebel). Only an emergency stop can prevent a very nasty accident. When she gets out to help the boy, he runs away. Volkmann is suspicious. As the boy has not been reported missing, she searches for him on her own and finds out that he and his elder brother were living in a large Berlin refugee home – and both disappeared on the same day. Further evidence in the course of her investigations lead her to fear the worst.


SHERRY HORMANN (*1960) is one of Germany's most successful female directors with films like Guys and Balls (2004), Desert Flower (2009) or 3096 Days (2013).


Vermisst in Berlin

TV Series





88 min


Sherry Hormann

Silke Zertz, Frauke Hunfeld

Jördis Triebel, Edin Hasanovic, Natalia Wörner, Nina Gummich, Florian Stetter, Lilien Batman, Cloé Heinrich

Gabriela Sperl, Quirin Berg, Max Wiedemann

Armin Golisano

Sandy Saffeels

Jasmin Shakeri, Beathoavenz

Christiane Rothe

Caroline von Senden, Esther Hechenberger

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