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Death Will Come and Shall Have Your Eyes

OT: Vendrá la muerte y tendrá tus ojos

José Luis Torres Leiva // Chile, Argentina, Germany, 2019
Fiction Feature // FF2019



Two women rediscover love in the face of death. A quiet, magic end-times drama in the remoteness of a forest hut. María and Ana have been a couple for 20 years, but have never lived together. Until the day that Ana is diagnosed with terminal cancer. She decides against having treatment and the women sell all their possessions and move into a hut in the forest. There, they plan to wait for death together. For the first time under the same roof, their old love which had become buried in the routines of everyday life is reborn.


JOSÉ LUIS TORRES LEIVA (*1975) has presented several of his films at festivals, including Rotterdam and Venice. In 2016, FILMFEST HAMBURG showed his documentary The Wind Knows I‘m Coming Back Home.


Vendrá la muerte y tendrá tus ojos

Fiction Feature



Chile, Argentina, Germany


88 min

OV with English subtitles

José Luis Torres Leiva

José Luis Torres Leiva

Amparo Noguera, Julieta Figueroa

Catalina Vergara, Paulo Roberto de Carvalho, Constanza Sanz Palacios

Cristian Soto

Andrea Chignoli, José Luis Torres Leiva

Catalina Devia

Compañia de Cine

Globo Rojo Films

Paulina Portelo, Compañia de Cine paulina@companiadecine.com

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