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Us and Them

OT: Us and Them

Joe Martin // United Kingdom, 2017
Fiction Feature // FF2017
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Philippa’s parents are shocked. This coarse prole brought home by their daughter is her fiancé? It soon becomes clear that Danny isn’t just some post-pubescent affair, but in fact the leader of a rebellion. Against what? Against those at the top, the one per cent, the corrupt elite! The only problem is that, while Danny is a very angry young man, he has no plan whatsoever. Joe Martin portrays the class struggle as a grotesque chamber piece on speed that has at its heart precisely that diffuse political fury that was reflected in the votes for Brexit and Trump.


JOE MARTIN was supposed to follow family tradition and go to work on the railways, but refused to pursue an honest living and went to film school instead. He has consequently made several award-winning documentaries. Us and Them is his debut feature.



Us and Them

Fiction Feature



United Kingdom


83 min


Joe Martin

Joe Martin

Jack Roth, Tim Bentinck, Andrew Tiernan, Sophie Colquhoun

Danielle Clark

Stefan Mitchell

Joe Martin

Vanessa Lorena Tate

Niina Topp

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