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Unschuldig (Teil I und II)

OT: Unschuldig (Teil I und II)

Nicolai Rohde // Germany, 2018
TV Series // FF2018



A man fights for his innocence and his children – a tense thriller with psychological depth. Alex Schwarz (Felix Klare) is released from prison after serving 7 years for the alleged murder of his wife. With the support of his brother (Sascha Alexander Geršak) Alex wants to clear his name and get his children back – much to the displeasure of his sister-in-law Marion (Anna Loos) in whose care the children are. Jan Menhart (Steven Scharf), the detective who put him in jail, is equally unenthusiastic that the case is being reopened. His colleague Katrin (Britta Hammelstein) is tasked with finding the real murderer. But will she?


NICOLAI ROHDE (*1966) studied at the Konrad Wolf University of Film in Babelsberg and has realised award-winning shorts, the children's TV series Vorsicht, keine Engel, feature films Zwischen Nacht und Tag (2004) and 10 Seconds (2008) and numerous TV productions.


Unschuldig (Teil I und II)

TV Series





180 min


Nicolai Rohde

Florian Oeller

Felix Klare, Anna Loos, Britta Hammelstein, Sascha Alexander Geršak, Godehard Giese

Iris Kiefer, Nikola Bock

Felix Novo de Oliviera

Melanie Schütze

Annette Focks

Alexander Scherer

Sascha Schwingel, Barbara Süssmann

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