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A Tale of Love and Desire

OT: Une histoire d’amour et de désir

Leyla Bouzid // France, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021
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Between the lines: a shy young man struggles with the vagaries of love and discovers the sensuality of Arabic literature. 18-year old Ahmed lives in a banlieue of Paris. When he begins studying at the Sorbonne, worlds collide: the new intellectual environment makes the young man feel insecure as he seeks his place between different cultures. When he falls in love with the woke Tunisian girl Farah, this insecurity makes him suppress his feelings – until he comes across a comprehensive collection of erotic Arabic literature. Emotional chaos reigns, in which mind and body contradict and clash.



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LEYLA BOUZID (*1984 in Tunis) studied literature at the Sorbonne and then film direction at the Paris film school La Fémis. Her debut film As I Open My Eyes (2015) was shown at numerous festivals.



Une histoire d’amour et de désir

Fiction Feature





103 min

OV with English subtitles

Leyla Bouzid

Leyla Bouzid

Sami Outalbali, Zbeida Belhajamor, Diong-Kéba Tacu, Aurélia Petit

Sandra da Fonseca

Sébastien Goepfert

Nassim el Mounabbih

Lilian Corbeille

Lucas Gaudin

Léa Philippon

Céline Brelaud

Stéphanie Doncker

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Blue Monday Productions

Arte France Cinéma

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