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OT: Und ihr schaut zu

Michaela Kezele // Germany, 2022
Fiction Feature // FF2022



Gawping instead of helping: a mother’s crusade against digital brutalization. After her daughter Mia is killed in an accident at a busy crossroads, Jenni is confronted with videos of Mia’s death on the Internet. Instead of helping, passers-by instead filmed what was happening on their mobile phones and then posted the results on the Net. Appalled and furious at the qawpers’ lack of empathy and sensation-seeking, Jenny takes action. Supported by a hard-as-nails lawyer, she decides to take on the gawpers. A hopeless struggle begins. Based on real events, the film shows how easily so-called social media lead to antisocial behaviour.


MICHAELA KEZELE (*1975 in Munich) studied there at the TV and Film School Munich. Her short film Milan (2007) won numerous accolades. Since then, mainly TV films, most recently Die Tote am Meer (2021)


Und ihr schaut zu

Fiction Feature





88 min


Michaela Kezele

Dominique Lorenz

Anja Schneider, Bärbel Schwarz, Katharina Stark, Aurel Manthei, Dominik Weber, Marisa Growaldt, Souhaila Amade, Farina Flebbe

Anja Föringer

Felix von Muralt

Lutz Pape

Mona Bräuer

Martina Eisenreich, Julian Muldoon

Maike Althoff

Eva Kantor

Nessie Nesslauer

Katharina Dufner (SWR)

Hager Moss Film GmbH für SWR

Hager Moss Film GmbH, Alina Krienetzki: akrienetzki@hager-moss.de


LonelinessMemoriesFamily & RelationshipWomenSocietyViolenceAdolescenceDeath & Loss

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