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One Step Behind the Seraphim

OT: Un Pas În Urma Serafimilor

Daniel Sandu // Romania, 2017
Fiction Feature // FF2018
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Based on real events, this Romanian box office hit tells of a teenager who gets caught up in the corrupt system in a seminary. 15-year old Gabriel senses his vocation: he wants to become a priest. In the orthodox seminary, he soon encounters the first bad signs. The school system is totally corrupt and psychological abuse an everyday occurrence. Together with three friends, he at first tries to resist – but the boys soon see that they have to join in the dirty game if they want to achieve their life’s aim. And in doing so, they stop at nothing.


DANIEL SANDU (*1977) is a very promising newcomer to Romanian cinema. One Step Behind the Seraphim is his debut feature film.



Un Pas În Urma Serafimilor

Fiction Feature





147 min

OV with English subtitles

Daniel Sandu

Daniel Sandu

Ștefan Iancu, Vlad Ivanov, Ali Amir, Alfred Wegeman, Ștefan Mihai, Niko Becker, Ilie Dumitrescu Jr., Christian Bota, Marian Popescu, Radu Botar

Ada Solomon, Ioana Draghici

George Dascalescu

Cristian Nicolescu

Marius Leftărache

Adrian Cristea

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