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A Portuguese Farewell

OT: Um Adeus Português

João Botelho // Portugal, 1985
Fiction Feature // FF2008



Portuguese-Africa 1973: a small troop of soldiers marches through the jungle at night. A mine explodes, shots ring out, one dead. After 500 years, Portugal has lost Africa, and parents have lost their beloved son. Portugal 1985: an old couple visit their son’s widow in Lisbon. They fail in their grief, without tears, without words. Images of modern Portugal are interspersed with scenes from the absurd overseas war. A film about how the end of colonialism was received by the people of Portugal.



Um Adeus Português

Fiction Feature


Portugal Deluxe//FF2008



85 min


João Botelho

João Botelho, Leonor Pinhao

Ruy Furtado, Isabel de Castro, Maria Cabral, Fernando Heitor

Manuel Guanilho

Acácio de Almeida

Richard King

Olivier Messiaen

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