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Last Conversations

OT: Últimas Conversas

Eduardo Coutinho // Brazil, 2015
Documentary Feature // FF2016



Documentary Shortly before his death, Eduardo Coutinho, grand old man of theBrazilian documentary, conducts a series of interviews with young Brazilians. Heasks simple questions – about their parents and friends, how it’s going atschool – and gets disarmingly honest and in part disturbing answers. Theteenagers talk about growing up in disfunctional families, bullying at school andtheir fears. The film however also shows the magic of being young: one girlsings Roxette’s Listen To Your Heart,another writes poetry, a seven-year old imagines what the world was like beforeshe was born. Last Conversations isan enchantingly intelligent, warm-hearted portrait of a generation and the legacyof maybe the best listener in the history of film.


Eduardo Coutinho (*1933; †2014) is famous farbeyond the borders of Brazil for his solicitous and restrained handling of the subjectsand protagonists of his documentary films and for his puristic style. In 2012, FILMFEST HAMBURGshowed his film Songs. AfterCoutinho's death, Last Conversations wascompleted by João Moreira Salles.



Últimas Conversas

Documentary Feature





85 min

OV with English subtitles

Eduardo Coutinho

João Moreira Salles, Maria Carlota Bruno

Jacques Cheuiche

Jordana Berg

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