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Dreams are like wild tigers

OT: Träume sind wie wilde Tiger

Lars Montag // Germany, 2021
Fiction Feature // FF2021



Age recommendation: 9 years and older.

12-year old Ranji dreams of appearing in a Bollywood film. A casting call brings his dream closer, but then his family move to Berlin, where lots of new things await him: new food, new friends and his neighbour Toni, who is the same age as he. Ranji escapes into daydreams with music and dance. And he finds some stability via Skype from his Grandfather in Mumbai. Can Ranji amd Toni realize his dream after all?


LARS MONTAG (*1971) is a film and theatre director. He studied at the Media School in Cologne and since graduating has directed many cinema and TV films and also written screenplays.


Träume sind wie wilde Tiger

Fiction Feature





95 min


Lars Montag

Ellen Schmidt, Sathyan Ramesh, Lars Montag, Murmel Clausen

Shan Robitzky, Annlis Krischke, Sushila Sara Mai, Murali Perumal, Simon Schwarz, Anne Ratte-Polle, Irshad Panjatan, Nina Petri, Herbert Knaup

Clemens Schaeffer, Alexander Thies, Lars Montag (Co-Prod.)

Sonja Rom

Erik Mischijew (Sounddesign), Olaf Mehl (Mischung), Johannes Hampel (O-Ton)

David J. Achilles

Johannes Repka / Peter Plate, Ulf Leo Sommer (Filmsongs)

Andreas C. Schmid

Nadine Kremeier

Wild Bunch Germany GmbH

Wild Bunch Germany GmbH


KiKA/MDR, Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg, NDR

Christoph Liedke, Wild Bunch Germany GmbH: cliedke@wildbunch.eu


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