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Tito on Ice

OT: Tito on Ice

Max Andersson, Helena Ahonen // Germany, Sweden, 2012
Hybrid // FF2013
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Comic artists Max Andersson and Lars Sjunnesson are travelling through former Yugoslavia, with amongst other things a fridge containing the mummy of General Tito. The trip is a promotional tour for the Swedes’ new comic and at the same time an art and history happening on the subject of Tito and the collapse of Yugoslavia. On their journey, the artists enter a bizarre world of parallel universes, constantly crossing borders, including those between genres: documentary Super 8 material leads into animations using cardboard and rubbish. A film about and beyond borders – tragic, poetic and very funny. Screening on 30.09. in attendance of: Max Andersson (Director), Helena Ahonen (Director)




Tito on Ice


English, Swedish

Agenda 13//FF2013

Germany, Sweden


76 min

OV with English subtitles

Max Andersson, Helena Ahonen

Max Andersson

Max Andersson, Lars Sjunnesson, Štefan Skledar, Katerina Mirović, Ivan Mitrevski

Max Andersson, Michael Sevholt

Helena Ahonen, Max Andersson

Max Andersson

Max Andersson, Lars Sjunnesson

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