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The Red Turtle

OT: The Red Turtle

Michael Dudok de Wit // France, Belgium, 2016
Animation // FF2016



Animation A shipwrecked sailor is stranded on an island with a bamboo forest, a spring anda few fruit trees – just enough to survive on. The man builds a raft and undertakes several attempts to escape, but is stopped every time by a red turtle that destroys his boat. Only when the animal comes ashore to lay its eggs, can the man turn it on its back – his chance to escape. But the turtle is a magical creature. Out of its shell slips a woman who from now on accompanies the man in his struggle for survival, without either of them ever speaking. Michael Dudok de Wit has brought his story to life with minimal, hand-drawn pictures that are reminiscent of Ghibli, the legendary Japanese animation studio.




The Red Turtle


no dialogue


France, Belgium


80 min

Michael Dudok de Wit

Michael Dudok de Wit, Pascale Ferran

Prima Linea

Céline Kélépikis

Laurent Perez del Mar

Michael Dudok de Wit

Universum Film

Wild Bunch

Why Not Productions; Wild Bunch; Studio Ghibli; CN4 Productions; Arte France Belvision

Jasna Vavra, jasna.vavra@bertelsmann.de: Universum Film

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