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The Petrov File

OT: The Petrov File

Georgi Balabanov // Bulgaria, Germany, France, 2015
Fiction Feature // FF2015



In the final years of communism in Bulgaria, the actor Alexander Petrov is barred from working. After the collapse of the regime, he returns to the stage. At the funeral of his old mentor and idol, he learns that it was this person of all people who betrayed him. This causes a crisis in his life and he withdraws from public life. During this period he is supported by his friend Markov, a former head of the secret service, who is now a successful business man. Markov persuades Petrov to enter politics and become leader of a new party. But the freedom offered by democracy is deceptive. The old system lives on within the new one. The Petrov File is a settling of scores with the continuity of the Bulgarian elite after the fall of communism.


GEORGI BALABANOV (*1951) came originally from the theatre and since 1979 has also been making documentary films. The Petrov File is his first feature film. French star author Jean Claude Carrière co-wrote the screenplay.



The Petrov File

Fiction Feature



Bulgaria, Germany, France


90 min

OV with English subtitles

Georgi Balabanov

Georgi Balabanov, Jean-Claude Carriere

Mihail Bilalov, Deyan Donkov, Radina Kardjilova

Dimitar Gotchev, Marcel Lenz, Guido Schwab

Stefan Ivanov

Maria Handjieva, Vessela Martschewski

Mario Schneider, Cornelius Renz

Anna Boyanova

Camera Ltd; Ostlicht Filmproduktion GmbH

Alexander Donev, alexanderdonev@gmail.com

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