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The Human Scale

OT: The Human Scale

Andreas M. Dalsgaard // Denmark, 2012
Documentary Feature // FF2013
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Over the next 40 years, the number of people living in cities is going to double. Megacities will grow into gigacities, huge, desolate urban jungles of steel and concrete for living and working. But what about the inhabitants peopling this scifi nightmare? The Danish architect and town planner Jan Gehl has been working for decades on reconquering public space for city dwellers. It is not aesthetics and functionality that dictate his plans, but the human factor. Human Scale follows and presents Gehl’s projects and visions of a new urban life in cities like Copenhagen, New York and Christchurch. Screening on 29.09. in attendance of: Andreas M. Dalsgaard (Director)




The Human Scale

Documentary Feature


Drei Farben Grün//FF2013



83 min

OV with German subtitles

Andreas M. Dalsgaard

Andreas M. Dalsgaard

Jan Gehl, Iqbal Habib, A K M Abul Kalam, Jiangyan Wang, Bob Parker, Ruhan Shama

Signe Byrge Sørensen

Heikki Färm, Adam Philp, Manuel Claro, René Strandbygard, Casper Høyberg

Søren B. Ebbe, Nicolas Servide Staffolani

Kristian Selin Eidnes Andersen

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