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The Eclipse

OT: The Eclipse

Nataša Urban // Norway, 2022
Documentary Feature // FF2022
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ESSAY A multi-facetted reflection on collective memory and personal responsibility in the former Yugoslavia. While the world spent 11th August 1999 watching the natural phenomenon of a solar eclipse, people in Serbia were barricading themselves in their houses in fear of the approaching shade. Nataša Urban locates this event in the country’s complex and bloody history and finds a metaphor for the psyche of a society unwilling to face its guilt. In a virtuoso montage of analogue imagery and archive material, logbook entries, anecdotes and stories, we see how the traces of the past can be followed into the present.


NATAŠA URBAN (*1977 in Yugoslavia) grew up in Serbia and today lives in Oslo. Her films Journey of a Red Fridge (2007) and Big Sister Punam (2009) were shown at more than 100 international festivals. With The Eclipse, she won the main prize at the Danish documentary film festival CPH:DOX.



The Eclipse

Documentary Feature





110 min

OV with English subtitles

Nataša Urban

Nataša Urban

Ingvil Giske

Ivan Marković

Svenn Jakobsen

Jelena Maksimović

Bill Gould, Jared Blum

Taskovski Films Ltd

Medieoperatørene AS

Taskovski Films Ltd, Petar Mitric: fest@taskovskifilms.com


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