Tehran Bedoune Mojavez • FILMFEST HAMBURG

Tehran Without Permission

OT: Tehran Bedoune Mojavez

Sepideh Farsi // France, Iran, 2009
Documentary Feature // FF2009



Director Sepideh Farsi: “Tehran is full of contradictions. A combination of religion and laicism, tradition and modernity, poverty and prosperity, high tech and retro urbanity.” She shot her film entirely with a mobile phone, allowing her relative freedom without being noticed, keeping the distance to her interviewees marginal and allowing for spontaneity. Like filming a popular, though illegal, Iranian rap group. A collage of everyday Iranian life, caught between religious doctrine and excessive festivities.


Sepideh Farsi, born in 1965, director, writer, cinematographer. Her films include"Le voyage de Maryam" (2003), "Dreams of Dust" (2003) and "Le regard" (2006).


Tehran Bedoune Mojavez

Documentary Feature


Agenda 09//FF2009

France, Iran


83 min


Sepideh Farsi

Sepideh Farsi

Javad Djavahery

Sepideh Farsi

Sepideh Farsi

Hichkas, Cyrus Mafia

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