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Tatort: Côte d'Azur

OT: Tatort: Côte d'Azur

Ed Herzog // Germany, 2015
Fiction Feature // FF2015
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In an marshy area, the police find the body of a young mother with her baby, half frozen to death but alive, beside her. Their investigations lead Inspector Blum (Eva Matthes) and her colleague Kai Perlmann (Sebastian Bezzel) to a shack occupied by homeless people in an area on the shore of Lake Constance also known as the Côte d’Azur, where the victim had been staying up until her disappearance. Here, they question a clique of drop-outs, held together by drugs and alcohol. Blum and Perlmann find themselves in a jungle of mysterious contradictions surrounding the dead woman. A life between shacks and the local high society.


Since the mid-1990s, ED HERZOG (*1965) has been making TV films. including numerous episodes of Polizeiruf 110 and Tatort.


Tatort: Côte d'Azur

Fiction Feature





89 min


Ed Herzog

Wolfgang Stauch

Eva Mattes, Sebastian Bezzel, Friederike Linke, Andreas Lust, Peter Schneider, Kai Malina, Barnaby Metschurat, Markus Hering, Frank Fink, Mandy Rudski

Uwe Franke

Andreas Schäfauer

Angela Springmann

Martin Probst

Susanne Hopf

Ulrich Herrmann


Maran Film GmbH für SWR

Veronika Leist, SWR: veronika.leist@swr.de

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