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Tatort: Borowski und der freie Fall

OT: Tatort: Borowski und der freie Fall

Eoin Moore // Germany, 2012
Fiction Feature // FF2012



The well-known novelist Dirk Sauerland is found dead on his yacht. For the last few months, he had obviously been working on a book about a political scandal. Sauerlands ex-wife Ulla Jahn, a talk show host, gives Chief Inspector Borowski (Axel Milberg) and Inspector Brand (Sibel Kekilli) a clue as to the secret double life of her gay ex-husband. Why is the new Minister for Industry Karl Martin von Treunau (Thomas Heinze) making a secret of his former relationship with Sauerland? The investigation leads to a hotel in Geneva and thus to one of the most spectacular deaths in recent German history, which is still unsolved.



Tatort: Borowski und der freie Fall

Fiction Feature





90 min


Eoin Moore

Eoin Moore nach einer Idee von Fred Breinersdorfer

Axel Milberg, Sibel Kekilli, Thomas Heinze, Marie-Lou Sellem, Thomas Kügel, Jan Peter Heyne

Kerstin Ramcke, Holger Ellermann

Jana Marsik

Antje Zynga

Wolfgang Glum, Werner Poland, Kai Uwe Kohlschmidt

Annette Lofy

Sabine Holtgreve (NDR)

Nordfilm Kiel GmbH für den NDR

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