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Tatort: Borowski und das Land zwischen den Meeren

OT: Tatort: Borowski und das Land zwischen den Meeren

Sven Bohse // Germany, 2017
Fiction Feature // FF2017



A man’s body is found on Suunholt, a sleepy little island in the North Sea: years previously, Oliver Teuber had been the key figure in a corruption scandal involving the Building Office in Kiel. He had obviously begun a new life on Suunholt with a new love: Borowski is faced with Teuber’s distraught lover (Christiane Paul) who found the body in her bathroom. She urges Borowski to seek the murderer not on the mainland but on the island. During his investigations, the inspector is confronted with an increasing number of contradictions. Borowski fighting crime against a magnificent natural backdrop in a cinema-quality Tatort.


SVEN BOHSE (*1977) studied Direction at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. Since 2003 he has made numerous TV films, including "Ku’damm 56" (2016). "Tatort – Borowski and das Land zwischen den Meeren" was shown in 2017 at FILMFEST HAMBURG.



Tatort: Borowski und das Land zwischen den Meeren

Fiction Feature





89 min


Sven Bohse

Peter Bender, Ben Braeunlich

Axel Milberg, Thomas Kügel, Anja Antonowicz, Christiane Paul, Anna Schimrigk uvm.

Kerstin Ramcke

Michael Schreitel

Ronny Mattas

Jessica de Rooij

Detlev Provvedi

Sabine Holtgreve (NDR)


Nordfilm Kiel GmbH für ARD/NDR

Johannes Pollmann, Nordfilm Kiel: j.pollmann@letterbox-filmproduktion.de

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