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Take This Waltz

OT: Take This Waltz

Sarah Polley // Canada, Spain, Japan, 2011
Fiction Feature // FF2012
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Margot (Michelle Williams), 28, is happily married to cookbook author Lou (Seth Rogen). Or so she thinks. Until she meets Daniel, her attentive neighbour on a plane – and suddenly she no longer knows what she thinks or feels. When it turns out that the two live quite close to each other in Toronto, they start meeting regularly, stealing moments of everyday life to share. Soon Margot is faced with the question: should she hang on to the security of what she knows or give in to the allure of the new? Take This Waltz is a charming bitter-sweet comedy with a fresh look at an age-old problem – whether and how a relationship can be maintained over time.




Take This Waltz

Fiction Feature


Agenda 12//FF2012

Canada, Spain, Japan


116 min


Sarah Polley

Sarah Polley

Michelle Williams, Luke Kirby, Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman

Sarah Polley, Susan Cavan

Luc Montpellier

Christopher Donaldson

Jonathan Goldsmith

Matthew Davies

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Joe's Daughter Inc.

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