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The Cloud in her Room

OT: Ta Fang Jian Li De Yun

Zheng Lu Xinyuan // People's Republic of China, Hong Kong, 2020
Fiction Feature // FF2020
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A fascinating debut which illustrates with poetic brutality the condition in which the world continues to turn, even when one is not yet ready to let go. After a few years away, Muzi returns to the city of Hangzhou to celebrate the Chinese New Year with her family. Whilst there, she drifts from the deserted places of her past into those of the present which have been created without her. Muzi’s parents now have new flats, new relationships, new families. With impressive creativity and radical directness, director Zheng Lu Xinyuan finds myriad visual expressions for widely differing forms of limbo and transition, alienation and melancholy.


Born in Hangzhou, ZHENG LU XINYUAN studied film production in Los Angeles. Her shorts have been shown at numerous international festivals. The Cloud In Her Room is her debut feature and won the main prize at the Rotterdam film festival.



Ta Fang Jian Li De Yun

Fiction Feature

Chinese, English

Asia Express//FF2020

People's Republic of China, Hong Kong


101 min

OV with English subtitles

Zheng Lu Xinyuan

Zheng Lu Xinyuan

Jin Jing, Liu Dan, Chen Zhou, Ye Hongming, Dong Kangning, Liang Cuishan, Wang Ruiwen

Wang Zijian

Matthias Delvaux

Li Dan-feng

Liu Xinzhu, Zheng Lu Xinyuan

Tseng Yun-Fang

Sheng Chenchen

Chen Zhi


Blackfin Production

Jing Xu, Rediance: jing@rediancefilms.com

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