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Down by Love

OT: Szerelemtöl Sújtva

Tamás Sas // Hungary, 2003
Fiction Feature // FF2003



24-year-old Eva (Patrícia Kovács) lives in the apartment which was once her deceased parents’. For more than eleven years, she has been the lover of her adopted father, Tibor (Gábor Máté). Tamás Sas’ disturbing psychodrama centres on Eva during a few hours of her life as she waits for her lover to arrive. As she waits, the young woman questions whether Tibor will ever leave his wife, Klara (Rita Tallos), and the memories, hopes and fears spinning in her mind become more and more confused and oppressive.



Szerelemtöl Sújtva

Fiction Feature


Offizielles Programm//FF2003



90 min


Tamás Sas

Can Togay, Tamás Sas

Patrícia Kovács, Gábor Máté

Dénes Szekeres

Elemér Ragályi

Károly Ari

David Yengibarjan

Márton Borbás

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