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Suleiman Mountain

OT: Suleiman Gora

Elizaveta Stishova // Russian Federation, Kyrgyzstan, 2017
Fiction Feature // FF2018
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With the spectacular panorama of the holy mountain Suleiman-Too, the first Kirghiz UNESCO world heritage site, as a backdrop, director Elizaveta Stishova tells a love story between tradition and awakening.Karabas is not an easy person to deal with: a gambler, a drinker, a big kid who’s also a ladykiller. But his life gets really complicated when wife No. 1 rings to tell him their long-lost son Uluk has turned up. Karabas immediately sets off to see him, which gets up the nose of wife No. 2. A dilemma that forces this unusual family to decide how it wants to live from now on.


ELIZAVETA STISHOVA was born in Moscow and studied direction at the 33n Academy for Theatrical Arts. Suleiman Mountain is her debut feature film.



Suleiman Gora

Fiction Feature



Russian Federation, Kyrgyzstan


102 min

OV with English subtitles

Elizaveta Stishova

Alisa Khmelnitskaya

Daniel Daiyerbekov, Perizat Ermanbetova, Asset Imangaliev, Turgunay Erkinbekova

Yelena Yatsura, Andrey Devyatkin, Victor Kuznetsov

Tudor Vladimir Panduru

Karolina Maciejewska

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