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OT: Sparta

Ulrich Seidl // Austria, Germany, France, 2022
Fiction Feature // FF2022
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Ulrich Seidl’s latest film is about the inescapability of one’s own past and the pain of finding oneself. Sparta is the brother piece to Rimini and together with it forms a cinematic diptych. Years ago, Ewald (Georg Friedrich), who is in his mid-forties, moved to Romania. Now he dares to make a new start. He leaves his girlfriend and moves to the impoverished rural wasteland, where he and a group of prepubescent boys from the surrounding area convert a dilapidated school building into a fortress. There, the children discover a lightheartedness they never knew before – but the villagers’ suspicions are not long in coming. And Ewald has to face a long-repressed truth.



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ULRICH SEIDL (*1952) is one of the most important and radical auteur filmmakers in European cinema and oscillates between feature and documentary film with his multi-award-winning work. With his Paradise Trilogy (2012/2013), he became only the second filmmaker after Krzysztof Kieslowski to achieve a festival hat trick: The three films premiered consecutively in Cannes, Venice and Berlin.



Fiction Feature

German, Romanian


Austria, Germany, France


101 min

OV with German subtitles

Ulrich Seidl

Ulrich Seidl, Veronika Franz

Georg Friedrich, Florentina Elena Pop, Hans-Michael Rehberg, Marius Ignat, Octavian-Nicolae Cocis

Ulrich Seidl, Philippe Bober, Michel Merkt

Wolfgang Thaler, Serafin Spitzer

Klaus Kellermann

Monika Willi, Andrea Wagner

Andreas Donhauser, Renate Martin

Tanja Hausner

Henri Steinmetz, Eva Roth

Coproduction Office

Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion GmbH; Essential Films; Parisienne de Production; Bayerischer Rundfunk; Arte France Cinéma in collaboration with Arte

Ulrich Seidl Filmproduktion; Coproduction Office; Essential Filmproduktion; Parisienne de Production; Bayerischer Rundfunk; Arte France Cinéma

Bayerischer Rundfunk; Arte France Cinéma in Zusammenarbeit mit Arte; ORF Film/Fernseh-Abkommen

Coproduction Office, Cecilia Pezzini: festivals@coproductionoffice.eu


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