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Song of the Sea

OT: Song of the Sea

Tomm Moore // Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark, 2014
Animation // FF2015



For Ben, all that remains of his mother is the memory and a big snail shell in which you can the sea. When Ben‘s mute little sister Saoirse manages to coax an enchanting melody from the shell, a fairytale world opens up to the children full of magical characters. This world which is threatened by the evil owl Macha and together with their dog Cu the children have to save it.




Song of the Sea




Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Denmark


93 min

German overvoice

Tomm Moore

Will Collins basierend auf einer Vorlage von Tomm Moore

Stimmen: David Rawle, Frédéric Cerdal, Fionnula Flanagan, Brendan Gleeson

Tomm Moore, Ross Murray, Paul Young, Stephan Roelants, Serge & Marc Umé, Isabelle Truc, Clément Calvet, Jérémie Fajner, Frederik Villumsen, Claus Toksvig Kjaer

Darragh Byrne

Bruno Coulais, Kila

Adrien Merigeau

West End Films

Cartoon Saloon; Digital Graphics; Irish Film Board; Mélusine Productions; Studio 352; Superprod

Martina Leo, KSM GmbH: leo@ksmfilm.de

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