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OT: Sobre las nubes

María Aparicio // Argentina, 2022
Fiction Feature // FF2022
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This melancholy portrait of a city and its inhabitants finds poetry in the mundane moments of everyday life. Ramiro is the cook in a bar. Hernán is an unemployed technician, who lives with his young daughter. Nora works as a nurse in a public hospital, but dreams of being an actor. And Lucia is starting a new job in a bookshop and is ready to fall in love again. Four destinies whose paths never cross, yet are nevertheless linked by the pulsing veins of the city.


MARÍA APARICIO (*1992 in Argentina) studied film at the National University in Córdoba and works as a director and editor. In 2016 she directed her debut feature The Streets, which won several awards.


Sobre las nubes

Fiction Feature





146 min

OV with English subtitles

María Aparicio

María Aparicio, Nicolás Abello, Emanuel Diaz

Eva Bianco, Malena León, Pablo Limarzi, Leandro García Ponzo, Juana Oviedo

Pablo Ratto

Santiago Sgarlatta

Juan Manuel Yeri

Martín Sappia

Osvaldo Brizuela

Florencia Nogue

Paula Bernabé

Octavio Bertone

Pascale Ramonda

Trivial Media

Las Flores

Pascale Ramonda: pascale@pascaleramonda.com


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