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Communication & Lies

OT: So-tong-gwa Geo-jit-mal

Lee Seung-won // Republic of Korea (South Korea), 2015
Fiction Feature // FF2016



Mr. Kim is a regular customer of the central complaints hotline in Seoul. He is constantly bothering the staff with absurd grievances he wants them to take care of. Most he simply invents. Cleaning woman Sun, on the other hand, is a real cause for complaint, especially on the part of her superior. She playfully claims to have had affairs with various male members of staff – regardless of their relationship status or Korean moral values. These two pains in the neck are thrown together by fate and weave a web of half-truths and lies. Desperately, each tries to get through to the other – by means of pain if need be. Lee Seung-won’s radical debut film benefits from the fearless performance of his leading actress Jang Sun and is reminiscent of the early work of Kim Ki-duk.


Lee Seung-won (*1977) is one of 198 greatest upcoming talents. His artistic roots lie in the stage. Communication & Lies is his debut feature and won two prizes at the Busan film festival.



So-tong-gwa Geo-jit-mal

Fiction Feature


Asia Express//FF2016

Republic of Korea (South Korea)


103 min

OV with English subtitles

Lee Seung-won

Lee Seung-won

Jang Sun, Kim Kwon-Hoo, Kim Sun-Young

Sang-Su Kim

Ji Seung-Woo

Choi Yong-Woon

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