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Sky-Dok.tober: Abschied vom Sonntagsbraten

OT: Sky-Dok.tober: Abschied vom Sonntagsbraten

Ralph Quinke // Germany, 2015
Documentary Feature // FF2015



Professor Marin Trenk is an ethnologist. A food ethnologist. The only one of his kind in Germany that concerns himself with the culture and history of food. In his seminars, the scientists regularly asks students about their eating habits – and always gets the same answers: everyone prefers Thai, Japanese, Italian cuisine. No-one knows German cooking any more. Together with the pugnacious two-star chef Christian Lohse, Trenk sets out on a culinary voyage of discovery. They visit pizzerias, sushi bars and doner stands, but also country restaurants that remain true to gastronomic traditions and where every part of an animal is used. “From nose to tail”, as it’s known, is the credo of cooks committed to sustainability who use more of an animal than just schnitzel and filet.



Sky-Dok.tober: Abschied vom Sonntagsbraten

Documentary Feature





45 min

Ralph Quinke

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