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Seven Minutes in Heaven

OT: Sheva Dakot Be'gan Eden

Omri Givon // Israel, France, Hungary, 2008
Fiction Feature // FF2009



Galia (Reymonde Amsellem) and her friend Oren fall victim to a suicide bombing in a bus in Jerusalem. Oren dies, while Galia survives, severely traumatized. Givon’s film, half love story, half thriller, tells of Galia’s return to life. After seven minutes in a coma, Galia has lost her memory. Only her necklace serves as a starting point in piecing together a memory of the fateful day. Variety Magazine: “Boasting strong perfs, riveting hyper-real cinematography and sensitive editing.”


Omri Givon, born in 1977, filmmaker. Following his television drama"Valley of Dreams", "Seven Minutes in Heaven" marks his cinema directorial debut.



Sheva Dakot Be'gan Eden

Fiction Feature


Agenda 09//FF2009

Israel, France, Hungary


94 min


Omri Givon

Omri Givon

Reymonde Amsellem, Eldad Prives, Nadav Nates, Ronit Yudkevitch

Marek Rosenbaum, Elie Meirowitz

Nitay Netzer

Rotem Shamir

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