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OT: September

Penny Panayotopoulou // Greece, Germany, 2013
Fiction Feature // FF2013
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Anna is around 30 and lives a secluded life with her dog Manu in her little flat. For Anna, she and her dog are the perfect family. Then Manu dies and Anna’s life falls apart. She buries the dog in the garden of the house opposite, where Sophia lives with her husband and two children. Anna seeks refuge in this chaotic, happy family. Initially a somewhat persistent visitor, she slowly becomes a parasite who wants under all circumstances to be loved and accepted. A sensitive, quiet film which places more weight on the power of pictures than words. Screening on 28.09. in attendance of: Penny Panayotopoulou (Director)





Fiction Feature


Agenda 13//FF2013

Greece, Germany


105 min

OV with English subtitles

Penny Panayotopoulou

Kallia Papadaki, Penny Panayotopoulou

Kora Karvouni, Maria Skoula, Nikos Diamantis, Anastassis Tzertzemelis, Irene Kolliakou, Christos Stergioglou

Thanassis Karathanos, Penny Panayotopoulou

Giorgos Michelis

Petar Markovic

Giorgos Zachariou

Lili Kendaka

Greek Film Center

P.P Productions, Twenty Twenty Vision Filmproduktion GmbH, ZDF- Das Kleine Fernsehspiel

Sponsors and Partners