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Scattered Night

OT: Scattered Night

Lee Jihyoung, Kim Sol // Republic of Korea (South Korea), 2019
Fiction Feature // FF2019



The collapse of a 198n family as a nuanced, unhysterical ensemble drama The separation of their parents plunges Jinho‘s and Sumin’s world into chaos – followed by a strange, apathetic stasis. Everything seems to be dissolving, potential buyers hustle through the family’s apartment and the question of child custody remains unsettled. Exhausted by the end of their marriage, the parents ask their children to be patient for two weeks, then everything will be sorted out. But the family dynamic is irretrievably disturbed, without any kind of new order in sight. Star of this strong piece of ensemble work is the actress playing 10-year old Sumin, in whose alert gaze the family’s disintegration is condensed.




Scattered Night

Fiction Feature


Asia Express//FF2019

Republic of Korea (South Korea)


81 min

OV with English subtitles

Lee Jihyoung, Kim Sol

Lee Jihyoung

Moon SeungA, Choi Junwoo, Kim Hyeyoung, Lim Hojun

Lim Dongmin

Kim Jinhyeong

Lee Jihyoung, Kim Sol

TONG Music

Dankook Graduate School of Cinematic Contents & Tiger Cinema

Kim Sol: solkim1102@gmail.com

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