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OT: Saroyan Ülkesi

Lusin Dink // Turkey, 2013
Fiction Feature // FF2013
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On the trail of the US writer William Saroyan, Pulitzer prizewinner and child of Armenian immigrants from Bitlis in Eastern Anatolia. His parents’ origin was always a theme of his books, but Saroyan didn’t actually visit his roots until 1964 when in his mid-fifties. In this poetic reenactment, the writer is reinvigorated by the journey to Bitlis, as a shadow with hat and coat. And even if he is never fully seen, his presence is tangible, in reminiscences and excerpts from his work which accompany the pictures. Screening on 01.10. in attendance of: Lusin Dink (Director)


Lusin Dink (*1981) studied film in Istanbul and worked as an AD for many directors, including Terry Cunningham, Xavier Gens and Ugur Yucel. After two shorts, Saroyanland is her debut feature.



Saroyan Ülkesi

Fiction Feature

Armenian, English, Turkish




72 min

OV with English subtitles

Lusin Dink

Lusin Dink

Ara Mgrdician, Artur Norikyan, Kevork Malikyan, Yalçin Çilingir, Sevinç Erol

Soner Alper, Lusin Dink

Thomas Mauch, Emre Basaran

Eytan Ipeker, Umut Sakallioglu, Ali Aga

Francois Courtier, Bartek Gliniak, Gomidas

Asli Çökük

Nar Film

Nar Film

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