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Sankt Pauli's Strong Ladies

OT: Sankt Paulis Starke Frauen - Reeperbahner*innen

Rasmus Gerlach // Germany, 2018
Documentary Feature // FF2018



DOCUMENTARY A homage to some ladies of the Reeperbahn: Rasmus Gerlach’s portrait of women who have left their mark on the Hamburg district of St Pauli.Sankt Pauli’s strong women: burlesque performer Eve Champagne, Franca Cuneo and the legendary Ille, owner of the bar in which Klaus Wildenhahn’s famous documentary Christmas Eve in Sankt Pauli (1968) was shot – and where the recently deceased director spent his last pub evening with his Japanese wife Mizuki. Another of the distinctive Reeperbahn women who gave the district its inimitable face. Many of them aren’t even from Hamburg: Mary McGlory of the legendary 60s girl band The Liverbirds or guitarist Bernadette La Hengst, whose music forms the film’s soundtrack.


RASMUS GERLACH (*1963) studied visual communication at the University of Fine Arts in Hamburg. FILMFEST HAMBURG has already shown several of his films, most recently Gefahrengebiete & andere Hamburgensien (2015), Timewings (2016) and Der Gipfel – Performing G20 (2017).


Sankt Paulis Starke Frauen - Reeperbahner*innen

Documentary Feature


Hamburger Filmschau//FF2018



72 min


Rasmus Gerlach

Rasmus Gerlach

Protagonistinnen: Eve Champagne, Schwester Irmela, Mizuki Wildenhahn, Mary Dostal, Julia Staron, Bernadette La Hengst, Christine Garelly, Tina Uebel uvw.

Rasmus Gerlach

Skrollan Alwert, Oleg Welk, Rasmus Gerlach

Rasmus Gerlach

Liverbirds, Station 17

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Kinoki GmbH

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