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As It Is In Heaven

OT: Så som i himmelen

Kay Pollak // Sweden, 2004
Fiction Feature // FF2005



Daniel, a famous conductor, returns to his native village after suffering a nervous breakdown. As a violin playing youth he was an outsider, and now, as a star, he finds himself in the same position. The villagers meet him with rejection, even when he takes over as choirmaster. Eventually, he falls in love with Lena and begins to overcome his loneliness. Alas, love cannot heal all wounds.



Så som i himmelen

Fiction Feature





125 min


Kay Pollak

Kay Pollak, Anders Nyberg

Michael Nyqvist, Frida Hallgren, Helen Sjöholm, Lennart Jähkel

Anders Birkeland, Göran Lindström

Harald Gunnar Paalgard

Thomas Täng

Stefan Nilsson

Mona Theresia Forsén

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